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Visiting Arundawn is by appointment only and the below guidelines MUST be adhered to without exception.

Rescue Guidelines



  • Please use the hand sanitiser at the front gate before entering the premises.

  • If you have a temperature or persistent cough, please contact the rescue and cancel your appointment

  • There is no access to the office - all meetings will be conducted outside in the stable yard.


Kennel Dog volunteers ( walking & socialising)

  • All dogs must be securely collared and on a lead before leaving their kennels

  • All gates are to be closed once exited (this includes kennel gates, exercise area gates and the main gate to the premises)

  • No more than 2 dogs can be walked at a time by a single volunteer

  • Any volunteer under the age of 16 can only walk 1 dog at a time and must be accompanied by an adult.

  • All volunteers must ensure that their tetanus shots are up to date

  • All volunteers must have Elaine Barter’s mobile number stored on their phones

  • In the event of an incident (dog escapes, dog injured or causes injury to another person/dog, etc), Elaine Barter must be contacted immediately.

  • No dog introductions are to be done unless supervised by Elaine or Oliver Barter.

  • All volunteers to be aware of any hygiene protocols in place and follow as required


Kennel Dog visitors

  • All gates to be secured once passed

  • All visiting dogs must be kept outside the entrance until Elaine Barter authorises their entry.

  • Any dog exhibiting signs of illness, including coughing, nasal discharge or other unusual symptoms cannot enter the premises.

  • Any dog entering the premises must be securely collared and leashed.

  • All visitors to refrain from touching or interacting with the dogs on the premises including those kennelled unless accompanied by a volunteer from the rescue.

  • All visitor cars must be parked either in the layby opposite the main gate (and clearly off the road) or inside the premises. Please do not park on neighbours’ front verges or driveways.

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