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We rely on a network of homecheckers all around the country in order to rehome our dogs to the very best homes possible.

From time to time we post through Facebook for urgent homechecks. These are for 'at risk' dogs, usually we need homechecks arranged with our applicants within a week. We then ideally need the paperwork returned to us and discussed with Elaine via telephone call within 24 hours.

Things to take into account when homechecking for us:

  • All members of house hold MUST be in attendance. This often requires flexibility evenings, weekends etc

  • Applicants MUST be asked if they are registered with any other rescues & currently considering another dog

  • We would ask that you do not give the applicant your opinion or any indication of whether they may have passed or failed the home check. All follow ups are made by the Arundawn admin team or Elaine herself.

  • We understand that you may find some of the questions a little intrusive however the questions have been formulated from lessons learned over a number of years & are vital to the success of finding the right home for the right dog

Thank you very much indeed for showing interest in assisting with us & we look forward to working with you.

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