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ArUNDAWN Shelter dogs PRogramme

Every now and then Arundawn finds a dog that is either too poorly, has too many behavioural issues, or is just a bit 'different' that we know they need a special kind of home and environment in which to feel comfortable.

The Arundawn Shelter Programme came into existence as a result of us finding more and more of these waifs and strays in the pound system and we knew we could do something to help.

When a dog arrives at Arundawn we do a full assessment of their medical health, temperament and environment to determine what home would be best for them. Sometimes the best home is with Elaine and the Shelter Pack as a short or long term resident, or with some of our dedicated fosterers who are experienced in dealing with all sorts of issues.

Dogs that need our Shelter Programme:

  • Dogs that have complicated or long term medical conditions that require regular vet visits and medication

  • Dogs that have been badly socialised and who would benefit from time spent in a stable pack with Elaine overseeing their rehabilitation

  • Dogs with anxiety or nervous temperaments who could never deal with the normal human world of cars and bicycles and strangers invading their space

  • Dogs that would benefit from a highly structured, low stress and carefully managed environment where there are few surprises.

  • Dogs that are just too old, too funny looking and generally highly unlikely to be adopted because they "just don't look right" (there are far too many of these that we find abandoned in kennels).

The Shelter Programme covers their food costs, veterinary care and rehabilitation - giving them a safe haven to rebuild their confidence or just sometimes a place to hide away from the world.

If you would like to sponsor our Shelter Programme and help these dogs in need, our bank details and Amazon wishlist can be found here.

Here are some of our wonderful Shelter Dogs:

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