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Arundawn try hard to encourage the feeding of a natural diet. We very strongly believe that a healthy, natural and balanced diet is imperative for long term health in dogs - both mental and physical


Almost all our dogs have been fed a natural, raw meat and bone diet for several years now and we have seen the benefits over and over ...

· Improvements in coat, skin and other major health conditions

· Helping to encourage a calm and balanced outlook by reducing  excitability and anxiety

· Often temperament imbalances can be much improved with the removal of artificial food content in their diet

Of course, some dogs have different requirements or cannot tolerate a raw diet and we have used two companies who produce a fabulous cooked diet, frozen and delivered to the door with great success - also detailed below.

The only dry food that we really feel confident to include is produced by a British company called Eden Pet Foods which is an 80/20 fresh meat food and can be incorporated into feeding with a raw diet or cooked.

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Below are a list of companies which Arundawn have found to provide a good quality and reliable service 

(in alphabetical order)

David's Doggie Dinners

Durham Animal Feeds

Different Dog

Eden Pet Foods

Honey’s Real Dog Food


Manifold Valley Meats

Natural Dogs Direct

Natural Instinct

Natures Menu

The Dogs Butcher

They Love It

Not all dogs can be put on a raw diet, so we also support the use of Butternut Box and Pure which are high quality healthy alternatives.


We also encourage the use of natural 'treats' for our dogs - dried sprats, sea jerky, dried liver, pizzles, tripe sticks etc

Please NEVER give your dog RawHide ... it is NOT hide

Honey's guide to raw feeding can be found here (pdf)

100% Liver Treats from Beautiful Joe's are a fabulous training treat and raise money for rescue dogs around the country from proceeds of their sales.

Pure Paté from JR Pet Products is made from 100% fresh meat.

A large range of 100% natural dog treats can be found on the Dog Treats UK website.

Natures Menu has a series of podcasts - Pupcast - which has some good suggestions and recommendations for getting your new dog settled.

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