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Arrived 5th February 2020

With big thanks to Kelly Laker again for doing whole run to collect this lad ... He has arrived!!! 
He is a tiny little boy.. Definitely a whippet lurcher rather than anything larger ... A bit of an enigma as lots of tartar on teeth but tiny testicles so guessing 8 months ish. He is thin, was wormy on arrival at pound and is nervous and vocal at present. Off to foster shortly. 

A quick update on this lovely young dog from Jacky who is kindly fostering him for us ... 'he’s a little treasure so well behaved on lead and in the house. Not completely house trained but he is rather loose so hope that is sorted out soon. He has a lot of dandruff so will give him a spruce up tomorrow. Left him tonight as went out for hour and half and didn’t bark or whine. Just a lovely boy all round..'
What a fabulous start for this young lad .. a real turnaround AND a trip to the beach rolled into one! 
Further updates in the next few days