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Ted is just 14 months old and has had several homes already. I am not blaming anyone as I do not know all the circumstances or facts HOWEVER - I hope this will make people stop and think just a little longer. I was contacted by my vet and asked if we could step in to help this lovely dog. I agreed even though we are full and TED was handed in to us today as a matter of urgency. As you can see he was a happy lad without a care in the World - however this afternoon his World collapsed. He arrived at our Emergency Boarding kennels as we did not have a foster in place but it became immediately apparent that he was not going to be able to cope in kennels at all. He bit his tongue badly within half an hour of arriving and became more and more stressed. Now, thank goodness, we have secured a foster place and he goes tomorrow to begin the next stage of his life... but the story could have been SO different .. another few days in kennels, abandoned and frightened and this little lad could so easily have become just another statistic!