First photos of Skye

In July 2021, one of our pound partners contacted us about Skye - a tiny emaciated puppy who had been found abandoned with, what looked like, a broken leg.

When the vet took a look, it was confirmed that little Skye had a spiral compound fracture to her rear right leg.

We arranged for a transport to bring her down to West Sussex and one of our trusted fosterers to look after her.

We initially thought Skye was about 10-weeks old but when our vets took a look, they thought she was less than 8-weeks old and should not have been separated from her mother or littermates.

We then found out that her fracture was so severe that it needed surgical intervention - not something we would normally do for such a tiny puppy, but her leg needed stabilising quickly. As Skye was so skinny and fragile, we were concerned about how her little body would deal with an anaesthetic.

Skye underwent surgery which cost in the region of £3,000 and we started a fundraiser to cover her veterinary costs.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we were able to cover the full amount and Skye's surgery went well and she is now on the road to recovery.

Skye pre operation

Skye post operation