Harley is a 2yr old Pomeranian neutered male.

He is good with cats and all other dogs.

We will be looking for a home with NO CHILDREN once we feel he is ready

Vaccinated and microchipped

Born 25th November 2017

He arrived with us Dec 2018 and is still with us

The first thing to be aware of is that Harley had a very sad early life and was not treated well. He was shut away in a crate a lot and owned by an older person who showed little emotion but happy to discipline. As a result Harley is fear reactive and WILL react to many stimulus. He does not like a lot of activity, he does not really like men or boys, he does not like having collars, harnesses etc put on and off until he really trusts and even then can be 'difficult'!

Having said all that he is a delightful and very affectionate little dog, loves his walks, playing, and really likes the company of other dogs.

He is scared of big dogs to start with, can get spooked, and will run off if off lead so a long line is needed. He needs lots of reassurance and positive experiences.

In March 2020 he moved into foster with Sarah Coombe who is a trainer and hopefully we will be able to start looking for his forever home very soon

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