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Update from Harleys Fosterer 25/1/19

Harley is doing well, no more nipping incidents. He is a very affectionate guy, loves his walks, playing, learning how to interact with other dogs.

Scared of big dogs to start with, can get spooked,and run off, needs lots of reassurance. He is good off lead when we are in the woods and normally just jumps straight in the back of the car although sometimes he likes to still play games and it did take nearly an hour to come back to me at Chesworth the other evening he’s slowly improving but needs commitment and patience.

Harley is a 13 month old Pomeranian
neutered male. He is good with cats and all other dogs. We are looking for a home with NO CHILDREN

Vaccinated and microchipped
Harley was neutered (in our opinion) far too young and in the middle of energetic adolescent behaviour (in the mistaken belief that this would change him for the better!)
Since neutering his behaviour has deteriorated. Harley is currently left for 8 hours a day crated (being let out for toileting etc) and again is crated at night. We have assessed him with no display of his less desirable behaviours (ripping up a tissue as an example and will apparently guard with intent if challenged). However the current owner does not have time to train or correctly stimulate him and as a result he can be a 'difficut' little dog.


He sits, waits, loves to play with other dogs, gives paw but has never been taught recall hence never off lead. He is looking for a home who have time to work with him, feed him a good and correct diet and give him exercise and time - in the knowledge that he has not had the life he needs to date and his behaviour reflects this. No negative comments please as his owner has recognised that she is not able to provide what he needs and has asked for help to rehome him to enable him to have a better life.