This update is just amazing: we owe all to our fabulous behavioural fosterer Sarah Coombe.


Sarah works with dogs as her 'job' and is amazing in her support of rescue dogs - both ours and other rescues... Stepping in to offer help when the future is looking bleak or uncertain.

Both Sherlock and Bruce were destined to be pts after showing behavior that their owners were not able to work with or manage. Both very different with very different problems but both fear based and totally misunderstood. After agreeing to try and help them, Elaine asked Sarah if she could assist.

Neither have been 'a walk in the park' but the progress made is just fantastic and soon both these guys will hopefully be ready to find their forever homes. Neither are 'ready' yet but we really felt we must update and hopefully demonstrate what can be achieved with time and help and patience.

Bruce was handed to be pts due to perceived 'dog aggression'. He is big and strong and fearful but just see these.

A few early pictures of Bruce during initial assessment.

Doing so well already and focusing and wanting to please.

It would have been criminal for this dog to have lost his life through lack of time and training! He had been taken to be put to sleep on 27/2/19


Huge thanks to Sarah for stepping in to offer Foster help.

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