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  • Breed - English Bull Terrier

  • Gender - Female

  • Date of Birth - November 2016

  • Likes - Walks with Joey, food, being involved in all the action

  • Dislikes - Baths, disruptions to her routine, being left alone

  • Medical - Healthy, bolshy little bull terrier with an opinion about everything :)


Betty joined Arundawn in the middle of 2018. At this time she was just 22 months old. She arrived having shown some trust issues and although we worked hard with her, her trust built quickly with us but she would not accept anyone else and although we placed her over the months, it was without success and she was returned. We made the hard decision that she could and would not be able to be rehomed safely and would hopefully eventually become an integral part of the Arundawn Shelter Dogs. As with our JOEY who also had his own issues, it will be a slow process and she will be gently eased into life here and not remain in a kennel.

She is the most delightful and affectionate dog but like many of us has her likes and dislikes!
The Arundawn team and regular walkers and visitors adore her.

Update April 2021

Betty is still such a monkey - she has moved into a kennel right next to the office and where the Sanctuary pack live. She still shouts the odds whenever the dogs go past for their exercise in the paddocks, but is much calmer and easier to distract. She loves Joey who puts up with a lot from the bullie ladies in his life. Still baby steps in bringing her into the Sanctuary pack as a full time member but things are headed in the right direction. She is definitely a nosy parker and wants to know what's going on all the time - such a sweet heart and we are so glad to have her.

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