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Please read the conditions of fostering below carefully. If you have any concerns or questions, please raise them before applying to foster for us.


All Arundawn dogs have the legal right under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to the following:


  • Live in a suitable environment

  • Eat a suitable diet

  • Exhibit normal behaviour patterns

  • Be housed with, or apart from, other animals

  • Be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease


In compliance with the act and in support of the welfare needs of Arundawn dogs, the following applies to all fosterers:


  • All of our foster dogs need love, attention, regular food, water and walks. They and Arundawn Dog Rescue rely on our fosterers to help them gain trust and confidence to allow them to find their forever homes.


  • Foster dogs will be assessed where possible before being placed in a foster home.


  • All fosterers MUST have the facilities to keep a foster dog separate from their own dog/s and other animals when necessary. This is best in the form of a dog gate. We do not generally advocate the use of crating though a large one may be acceptable with prior discussion / permission from Arundawn if circumstances dictate.


  • If any health problems are noted or develop please phone us .  


  • Do NOT administer any medication you currently have at home without consultation and approval from Arundawn Dog Rescue.


  • We ask that all health issues / behavioural problems are discussed as early as possible and on an on-going basis.Arundawn will provide any necessary aids / equipment we deem necessary but will order and pay for directly.The fosterer is not at liberty to purchase items without written authorisation if they require reimbursement.


  • If your foster dog requires vaccinations and/or a microchip, then Arundawn will agree with you a time and place to take your foster dog to a veterinarian. Please note that the microchip will be registered to Arundawn Dog Rescue as the legal owner.


  • We advocate ‘raw’ feeding’. We do use alternatives on occasion, but our feeding policies are there with good reason and should be upheld. We do not use dry / kibble unless very specific requirements under advice. We will always discuss and advise in full with our foster carers.


  • Dogs must always be fed separately from each other. Please also keep your foster dog separate whilst you eat. Dogs must never be offered food from the table.


  • Treats must be natural only – Dried liver treats, Kongs stuffed with pate or frozen mince meat, Pizzles, Fish skins, Dried meat etc.


  • It is impossible to predict the length of time that a dog will remain in foster care. The dog should remain with the fosterer until a forever home is found unless in short term emergency foster. If for any reason you are unable to continue fostering then please ensure that Arundawn Dog Rescue is given a month prior notice.


  • Children and other dogs/animals in the home must be strictly supervised at all times when mixing with the foster dog. They should not be left unattended together for any reason.


  • Foster dogs should always be exercised wearing a collar and lead and not a harness, unless discussed and agreed with Arundawn Dog Rescue in advance.


  • Exercise must be undertaken with discussion with Arundawn but committed to daily.


  • Foster dogs should never be allowed off lead unless in a secure and fully fenced safe area, from which the dog cannot escape and no other animals /people can get into.  Our third-party liability insurance is only covered if the dog is secure on a lead or long line OR in a private secure field. Please note that dogs are subject to the Road Traffic Act 1988 regarding being on lead. Please check with your local authority if they have any additional restrictions on where you are able to walk your foster dog.


  • We welcome you hiring private secure files but please check perimeters, gates etc for any possible escape routes on your initial visit.If unsure of location please visit


  • When a foster dog is outside your property, they must wear a collar and Arundawn Dog Rescue tags in order to comply with the Control of Dogs Order 1992. If you do not have Arundawn Dog Rescue identification tags, please contact Elaine and some will be sent to you.


  • Toys. We do not support the use of tug toys or squeaky toys unless with prior authorisation.


  • Foster dogs are to be introduced outside the property on ‘neutral ground’ where possible and then kept separately and fully supervised from resident dogs initially to allow all to get used to the new arrival.


  • Take proper precautions to prevent damage to your property.


  • We ask that you complete a detailed initial assessment of your foster dog within 7 days of arrival


  • Should the dog be with you for a reasonable period of time we request an updated assessment where appropriate on a monthly basis.


  • Do not post pictures or write ups of your foster dog on any social media site including Facebook/Instagram etc without the express permission of Arundawn Dog Rescue.


  • Foster dogs are to be assessed, under proper control and with due care, in as many different situations as possible. Public places, travel, children on bikes, joggers, dogs on and off lead etc. This will help us find the most suitable forever home for the dog.


  • If the fosterer believes they know or have found a potential adopter for the foster dog, ALL correspondence should be between Arundawn Dog Rescue and the potential adoptee.Application forms, homechecks etc will be independently carried out for and on behalf of Arundawn.


  • Potential adopters will be expected to visit the foster dog in situ, we will discuss their suitability with you, but the ultimate decision will be made by Arundawn Dog Rescue.


  • Future contact with the foster dogs adoptive home will be at the discretion of the adopter and Arundawn Dog Rescue – though we encourage contact where wanted.


  • It is the responsibility of the fosterer that appropriate care is taken in all situations and that the foster dog is under your full control at all times.


  • Please note Arundawn Dog Rescue will provide an essential starter pack containing bedding, lead, collar & tag and food for the first few days.


  • After the initial period many fosterers pay expenses relating to their foster dog excluding Veterinary fees.This is much appreciated and helps us enormously but not a term.


  • Prior to signing of formal adoption papers, all foster dogs remain the property of Arundawn Dog Rescue at all times and you are not at liberty to rehome, move, or pass on at any time.


  • In return for your care and commitment we endeavour to give you all the support and help you need to successfully foster for us and in so doing give a rescue dog the best chance of a happy future.




If you cannot complete an on-line foster application please download, complete and email back to us via our email address:

We receive a high volume of applications, if you have submitted an application and haven't heard back from us within a fortnight, please assume your application has not been successful on this occassion

Applications and Homechecks can take up to 10 days to process

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