Staffordshire Bull Terrier

10 Years Old

Currently in West Sussex

Needing urgent foster  / forever home

This lovely girl is another oldie who arrived from a council pound mid May.

Amber was immensely distressed in kennels and went straight to emergency foster nearby.

Amber really is the most delightful older dog and is loving and perfect in the home. HOWEVER - we feel that in her earlier life she was shut away (maybe a backyard, or in the countryside) . She appears to have no experience of the outside world at all or anything in it sadly
She has a very high prey drive for anything moving and although not a large dog is strong and wilful. She is fit and although she tires she still likes the idea of chasing.

She is sadly not at all dog friendly - going back to the possibility of never having seen the outside world.

She is looking for a very very special and unique home - No small furries, dogs or livestock and either in the middle of the countryside or with a garden large enough to give her the exercise without putting her under the stress of the outside world

She is a pass master opening doors, loves sleeping on sofas, leaning on you, chasing balls and chewing toys / bones. She is happy to settle separately whilst the humans eat their food. She travels well in car (though sometimes needs a hand to get in as she's not as springy as she used to be) and sleeps through the night.

She is a quick learner of basic commands but whilst out and about, can bark and jump at people with or without dogs and she's a strong girl.  She is highly overstimulated but anything moving - cars, bikes, joggers, cats, dogs, squirrels etc.

We really do hope that we can find a perfect, if one in a million home for this girl in her retirement

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