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DoB: May 2008

Cocoa joined Arundawn with her bonded friend Poppy after her owners could no longer afford their veterinary care. They moved straight to foster with our good friend AJ who helped them acclimate to a new house and new life.


Sadly a few weeks afterwards, we found a lump on Poppy's shoulder that started growing rapidly. It was discovered to be a mast cell tumour and given its location and how quickly it was growing, it was sadly agreed to let Poppy go.

It was decided that it would be too disruptive to Cocoa to move to another home so remains with AJ as a permanent foster, living her golden years in the countryside.


Cocoa is still a spritely little girl and does not fully recognise her advanced years so keeps AJ thoroughly entertained.

Cocoa also has her lumps and bumps but she seems to be getting on with things really well.

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