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Barney was found as a stray in the Milton Keynes area in mid January 2018.

Below are the pictures taken in the pound

We knew Barney would require a full vet check on arrival with us. He initially went to be checked over as he had a protruding rear end and struggled to go to the toilet, the vet ran some blood tests. Barney was diagnosed with a perineal hernia. There was two options; make him comfortable and let him go in a few days or send him for a referral to a soft tissue surgeon for advice for a repair. Surgery estimate was between £2500 to £3000.


The very same afternoon whilst we were waiting for his results, Barney took a downhill turn and was rushed straight back to the vets and was put on a drip as was very dehydrated. He held his own and our vets believed he was suffering from a gastric bug.  


Thankfully we already had fantastic fosterers lined up for him. James and Holly helped Barney to recover from his ordeal, whilst managing his other issues as he would not be strong enough for the surgery option at that time.

(Pictures below from whilst Barney was under the care of our vets).

Update from July 2018

Some may remember that Barney arrived in the most awful mess see pictures below for the amazing change in him, how worthwhile every bit of effort is and was!

Unfortunately he has developed a mass over his head and it is inoperable sadly,  however at this time it is not affecting him and long may that last. As a result he will not have and actually does not need surgery for the perineal hernia. He and James have developed a technique and he manages beautifully! We cannot thank James and Holly enough for all they have done and the commitment they give. 

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