With the country still in an unprecedented situation as a result of Covid-19 there may well be more dogs finding themselves in need of Rescue Spaces in the coming weeks and even months, however currently, we and most other rescues around the UK have few dogs arriving at this time. This has been the case since the beginning of Covid and whilst hopefully this is great news for the dogs, it means that we are all getting many many applications for every dog!

​We are very grateful for the fabulous offers and applications to rehome or foster dogs for us but we have been totally overwhelmed as a result..We are therefore only able to take forward the offers that we feel are most suited to each dog for adoption or fostering and simply cannot help everyone. You may therefore not get a personal response but our automated reply will explain our processes.

Please understand that if you are not successful it is not a reflection on you as a dog owner it is purely that we have chosen an applicant we hope will be perfect where possible for each and every dog.

For those we can respond to, all home checks are now and for the time being by very thorough and video call. We are also asking for a video of your home in detail to include the garden and all fencing. All family members MUST still be present & these can take over an hour.  THANK YOU for your understanding and patience.​

Before applying please do familiarise yourself with the information on each dog - some will be limited if newly arrived or in kennels.

Elaine and the Arundawn Team


Many of the following dogs have been assessed and are now ready to move onto their forever homes. Others are not quite ready to be re-homed, they may have just finished serving their time in a council pound and require further assessment in a foster home. They will be available for adoption when Arundawn feels they are ready.

Please look at the Adoption and Fostering pages for full details on how to apply for one of our dogs.

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