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In foster in Sussex

These two girl arrrived on the 3rd February 2020. They are a mother and daughter pair being 12 and 10 years old

Tramp has a problem with a disc in her neck and Skippy has problems with her ears, both are going to the vets to see what other problems they may have.

Their previous owner used to kennel them during the day and let them have free roam of 5 acres at night so the first task was to get them used to being active during the day and sleep at night like the rest of the household. We are pleased that the transition has now been completed. The girls never wagged their tails when first in foster but again they are now wagging nicely.

Both have become sofa dogs and like the comfort of being in a home. Skippy is still nervous if approached without warning but again with time this will fade. No applications are being taken at this time.

Tramp and Skippy