TRAMP and SKIPPY join our shelter dogs 💗
These two older ladies were handed to Arundawn to live out their retirement in comfort. They went straight to foster with our friends Andi and Trevor but it became apparent that they needed a life with more outdoor freedom and after spending a further week with a lovely couple locally and yet another visit to our vets it has been decided that they will (hopefully) live out their days here with me at Arundawn - as long as they understand that Dougie the cat is out of bounds!!!
Sadly both girls have advanced mammary masses and after sedation and x-rays it is apparent that Tramp (Mum), who is 12 yrs old is suffering from lung tumours as well and so the decision was straightforward. We cannot and will not put her under a GA to spay and do mammary strips and she will live out her life here with us whilst she is happy and comfortable. She is arthritic and will need supplements and tlc. Skippy her daughter is 10yrs old and also has a nasty and invasive mammary tumour and whilst there are not 'obvious' tumours on x-ray, her chest does not look healthy either. 
As she is very dependent on her mother having lived with her all her life, I feel it best that these girls stay here together and form relationships with other shelter dogs hopefully so that when the time comes and one is left alone, she will have friends here to live the rest of her days with.
For anyone wishing to help support their costs and needs both girls are now taking Yumove and Kurasyn supplements for the tumours and support - these can be purchased through the Arundawn Amazon Wishlist... thank you…

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