Available for Adoption
  • Breed - Lurcher

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - February 2020

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? 12yrs+

  • Location - Cornwall

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Torquil came to Arundawn as an 8 month old puppy after being relinquished by his previous owner who could not look after him.

He moved to a foster home where they did a lot of work to housetrain him and get him used to walking on a lead. They reported that once he settled and became more confident, he was still very much a puppy and boisterous but was a loving and very affectionate boy. He is known to be a bit of a counter surfer and finagled his way onto sleeping on the bed with his fosterers (he does Disney eyes very well).

After time in foster, Torquil was rehomed but returned as he did not get on with the resident dogs - we think that his high energy levels and boisterousness wasn't appreciate by the other much older dogs.

Basically, Torquil is a high energy, pushy, exuberant, over the top young Saluki lurcher who is still figuring out his boundaries. He is very bright and would probably enjoy agility training or similar. 

He's good on the lead and walks nicely unless there is something exciting to investigate which is when he will pull a bit. However as he is likely a Saluki x Whippet lurcher mix he's a pretty dinky boy and unlikely to get any bigger.

He doesn't display much of a prey drive and hasn't shown much interest in his fosterer's chickens or the feral barn cat - however with his boisterous attitude to life, we don't think there would be many cats willing to tolerate his antics.

He considers himself to be a lapdog and takes a lot of comfort and security from the other dogs in his life. He needs to be near his humans as much as possible. 

He has met younger children over Christmas and was fine, but his fosterer thinks that he would be too bouncy for young kids and potentially could knock them over in his enthusiasm.

We think that he needs to be rehomed with at least one other dog who would enjoy zoomies and running around like a nutcase but who can also politely put him in his place when he pushes his luck. His recall is not yet reliable so he needs access to a secure field to run around in. 


Likewise we think he needs a home with calm and experienced adults and older children who are dog savvy and not too hyperactive. He does have a bit of separation anxiety which his fosterer is working on, so  we would advise that his family be around most of the time and continue the work that his fosterer is putting in to building up his confidence and self reliance.

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