Available for Adoption
  • Breed - Lurcher

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - February 2020

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? 12yrs+

  • Location - West Sussex

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Torquil came to Arundawn in December 2020 as an 8 month old puppy after being relinquished by his previous owner who could not look after him.

After spending time in foster, he was rehomed but then returned as the elderly resident dogs were not dealing well with a young and bouncy boy in their home. Since then, Torquil has been in foster in Cornwall and doing really well. He is more than ready for his forever home - his foster family have the following to say about him:

Torquil is a loveable young saluki lurcher who will make a great companion. He loves affection and takes great enjoyment from being close to his humans, be it snuggled up on the sofa or following you around the house. He is also great with other dogs and in the time he has been with his foster family has formed a strong connection with their existing hounds, spending numerous hours zooming round the garden. He is good on the lead and will only pull slightly and get excited when he sees other dogs but this is always as a result of wanting to greet and play.

He is house trained and loves his food and will bounce around before the bowl is put down but will then sit and wait until instructed to take the food. He is bright as a button and is already putting to shame the resident dogs with his following of basic commands as well as his eagerness to learn and please. It took him about 6 hours from arrival to work out where the treats were kept. As a young lad he can be energetic but once he has been for a walk or zoomed around the garden will be equally comfortable asleep on the sofa or in a humans lap! He is great through the night and will wait for the humans to awake before giving them a nudge so he can go out in the garden and then another nudge to prepare his food.

Through his eagerness to interact with Humans he can jump up when excited but will quickly stop once asked to. He would like a house with other dogs but also needs plenty of human company too.

He forms such a strong bond with the humans that he can show signs of separation anxiety in the form of whining and the occasional howl but we think this is something that could easily be worked on.

He is a gorgeous dog who just needs a forever home where in exchange for being loved will reward his owners with many a smile on the face.