1 Year Old

In Foster for Assessment

This young dog arrived from Battersea Cats and Dogs on the 6th of June as he was not doing well in their kennels and busy environment. He is hand shy, did not want human interaction and was not improving really. He was visibly more relaxed within minutes of arrival and this continued through the next couple of hours.

In the meantime a lovely couple who had applied previously stepped forward to offer to foster him and after meeting and introducing their lovely calm Flat Coat girlie, Toby headed off happily, jumping into the car without a glance back.

Here are the first photos in foster - The difference in some dogs from kennels to a home is just staggering and delightful to see.

Further updates will follow 💗

20th June Update

This lad is doing just brilliantly! This is his latest update from his foster mum ....
Toby has been with us for two weeks now since his trip down from Battersea and brief stay of a couple of hours at Arundawn.

When we collected him, Toby seemed terrified and would not allow anyone near him although would run on a line with us in the paddock and was immediately sociable with our dog Tess who came with us to greet him and bring him back to his foster home. He now seeks reassurance from her all the time.

Over the past 14 days we have seen Toby come out of his shell a bit more every day. He now comes to us for strokes and loves his back being scratched. He has proven himself a very social dog, keen on play and has no issues when introduced to other dogs and bitches enjoying their company and energetic runs in the fields around our home. He also loves playing ball in the garden.

Toby enjoys his food (don’t they all) and his house training is going very well but we are still keeping a careful eye.

While still wary of new people this lasts for just a few minutes now and he is happily investigating our friends and family as they come to the garden for a socially distanced cuppa on the patio which is a huge improvement. He is more wary of children than adults.
It has to be said that Toby is still very timid even with us when it comes to handling but has no signs of aggression....

This lad will be looking for an adult only home in the country with at least one other dog.. He has had a rough life to date and deserves a very special home x

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