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Taz is 9 years old plus

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Children over 10 yrs

NO cats or other dogs

Taz is the MOST adorable little Staffie bitch who has had a rough life .. she has been in a home for us for just over two years but sadly due to surgery her owner has had to give her up.

We have been trying to find a perfect home for her for some time now with no success at all sadly and now the situation is DESPERATE!

Due to her owners back injury TAZ is currently not getting exercised and is getting bored and frustrated.

Taz loves the company of adults. She loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa either next to you or on your lap.

She is very happy to be left by herself in the house and will go to the back door when she needs to use the garden.
She likes routine and knows when it’s breakfast, dinner and bed time. She likes to sleep either on the floor next to the bed or in her bed at the top of the stairs.