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4 yrs old, female


Dog friendly

NOT cat friendly

Good with children over 10

Currently in foster in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


The Deerhound Club Rescue ARE fully aware of this girl and her needs and do NOT currently have a placement for her.

TARA has been living with me for a few weeks now and is ready to find her special home. She belonged to a lady who has been suffering with health problems and TARA had always had the companionship of another dog but after her canine friend passed last year Tara has struggled with anxiety. Her owner did not feel able to take on a second dog and was trying to see if Tara would settle and she coud manage but sadly this has not worked. Here she has been mingling with the 'oldies' and playing with one of our lurchers and a couple of my young Deerhounds. She is unsure initially so needs time to trust both people and dogs.
She is looking for a country home with a friendly, confident and outgoing but calm and well adjusted male dog in a perfect world. Space to run and love life, a sofa and all the comforts we want for our dogs! Be aware she is the most fussy of eaters - currently eating Butternut box but not touching raw! I believe she has had home cooked most of her life!

She is fearful of men having had little exposure to them and I feel a family home with adults and children over 10 would be perfect to give her the balance she needs. She WILL take weeks to settle but now she is coming out of herself is delightful, affectionate and a darling girl.

Please ONLY apply if you have the time, facilities and circumstances to offer this girl the home she needs.