SUNNY now skeeter

SUNNY is a 1yr old male lurcher

Currently in foster in Brighton area

His fosterer says 'Sunny is housetrained and has good recall with a whistle. He's a sweetheart who wants to meet every person and every dog every day .He likes a cuddle and will curl up alongside you whenever he can. He is a typical young lurcher who loves to chase so continued training is needed. He travels well.

He is looking for a home with no cats or small pets but would be happy living with another dog we think ... He can get quite overexcited so no young children please. Like most Lurchers he can be a thief and he will eat anything going, but also like most lurchers - not everything agrees with him! He is very playful and quite puppy like still . He is no trouble at all, really just a loveable goofy lurcher with a big heart.

What a great opportunity to adopt a fabulous young dog

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