As many of you know, we have a few of our own converted kennels at Arundawn. This is of HUGE benefit to us, allowing us to assess, take emergencies, nurse etc and has saved countless lives.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have these special facilities.

Unlike most commercial kennels, the converted stables make homely and comforting space and most settle quickly. It is a quiet, and often calm environment for the dogs to transition from pound kennels or abusive homes..

What is never really spoken about are the day to day running costs - and truthfully we frightened ourselves when we sat down recently and worked out the overall finances.


We have broken down the costs of an individual kennel here with single occupancy per week as follows although, understandably, this is hard to be totally accurate with as sometimes there would be two occupants and other times a poorly dog needing extra heat etc. In a cold spell the costs can more than double!


If you are able to sponsor a kennel you will be helping to provide a safe, warm and secure place for dogs needing help whilst they wait for their forever homes and new families. You will receive ..

  • A personalised certificate

  • Access to a special area of our website where we will provide updates and details of the dogs that have resided in 'your chosen kennel' during the month.


1 day     =    £ 8.50

3 days    =    £ 25.50

A week   =    £ 59.50

A month  =    £258.54

A year    =    £3102.42