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Neutered Male Beagle

14 months old

Dog, child and cat friendly

In foster in Cambridgeshire

Simba is EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH energy but typical young Beagle. He was adopted as a pup but things have not worked out and he has been returned due to health issues in his owners life. As with all young working bred dogs Simba needs training and stimulation to keep him busy. He has developed habits chewing, digging and destroying - but we are pretty certain this is just that his needs have not been met to date.
 Simba suffers from separation anxiety and shows all the signs of severe anxiety whilst owners are out: ie chewing, scratching and barking. This has not shown itself whilst in kennels as long as in the company of another dog. He does not like to be alone.

Despite these hurdles Simba is a lovely dog looking for his perfect home ideally with large outdoor space for him to run, at least one or more friends to play with.

We are sure that in time these energies will lessen but he needs an owner with time and patience to allow him to reach his full potential.