Festive Fundraiser with Sighthound sundays 2020

Arundawn Dog Rescue is very pleased to support Sighthound Sunday's Festive Fundraising Campaign which will support a number of rescue groups working with sighthounds in the UK. They are selling beautiful festive football scarves and Christmas cards over the next few months.


All sales proceedings go to the rescue you select - and there is a fabulous list of rescues who will benefit from this initiative. Codes for each rescue are listed on the sales page (Arundawn is ADR).

So to all our sighthound (and honorary sighthound owners...you know who you are!) - if you are looking for Christmas presents or just want to support a good cause, please click on the Sighthound Sundays image.

Sighthound Sundays is a group of friendly sighthound owners in East London who have bonded over their love of sighthounds of all shapes and sizes. In additional to regular social meetups, they also actively fundraise throughout the year for UK dog rescues.

Sighthound Sundays.png
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