Arrived 3rd May 2020 - not available for adoption at this time

In foster for full assessment and behavioural assistance
He is only just a year old and weighs just 2.4kg. He has belonged to an older lady after being 'rescued' from a flat where he was kept in a crate and tormented by children we are told!
He needs a great deal of time and training put in as his life has been far from 'normal' 
* He has apparently been getting 10 (yes 10) walks a day of 15 mins approx as he is only a baby!
* He has been fed human food with no balance to his diet
* He is not properly house trained 
* He has separation anxiety and barks continuously when left - even if you go to the next room
* He is loving and affectionate but also demanding and unpredictable in his responses currently. He certainly needs at least one other dog as has had no socialisation and needs to learn to 'be a dog' not a baby!
* He is nervous and wary of certain movements and indications are he has been teased / tormented

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