Sava arrived at Arundawn in September 2020 having been rescued from a shelter in Bosnia where he had spent most of his life.

We think Sava was born in May 2008 and arrived at the shelter shortly afterwards. He dealt with hunger, cold, flooding and a lack of veterinary care for the first few years until the shelter got new management in 2010 and implemented a set of improvements that have significantly changed the dogs' lives.  In 2020 the team at the shelter were concerned that Sava might not survive another brutal Bosnian winter as the shelter did not have the resources or local support for fostering old dogs so put out a call for a rescue that could provide for Sava in his old age.

We anticipated a tired, frail old man needing palliative care but what we have received is a charming, very sweet and very spritely pensioner with an eye for the ladies.

He adores people and has not met a single human being he hasn't liked. He has also integrated well into the Sanctuary pack and has discovered dog beds, blankets and radiators (which he thoroughly approves of).

Sava previously had to share food, attention and shelter with around 500 other dogs so now that he's got full time humans to look after him, visitors to entertain and some fellow oldies to potter around with, he is blissfully happy.