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18 Months Old

In foster in East Sussex

This stunning lad arrived on 28th of November from a pound where he had served his 7 days.


After being neutered Puffin was kindly taken into foster by Liz. She was hoping to adopt however after much deliberation we have all concluded that he really does need a friend to play with and help give him confidence.
Liz has kept us well informed and here is what we know about his needs:
PUFFIN is about 18 months old and is young, lively and very friendly to all people and dogs. Happy to play with confident small dogs and large dogs that do not show aggression.
Some favourite playmates at the Big Barn include Alan, a large standard poodle, a large Alsatian, various collie/cross, lurchers.
As with all young Saluki lurchers.. He can be full on and 'mouthy' in his play with smaller dogs and this needs training and control. Puffin is very trusting. He has learnt his name & has started to learn recall when alone, but not good when distracted... He is, after all, a lurcher 😊! Very obedient at stopping whatever he’s doing when told a firm ‘No!’
Whilst in foster as an only dog he has chewed when left alone .. Again something we feel will go with company.
We are looking for a home with a large secure garden, at least one other playful dog and a human or family who about to train and settle him. Lurcher experience ideal.

No children under 12 as not tested or lived with to our knowledge and no cats or small furry animals