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Permanent Shelter Dog Sadie arrived at Arundawn on the 24th March 2017 after having been in another Kennels since December 2014.  Sadie is over 12 years old.

Along with her long-term partner Ronnie, Sadie joined Arundawn after remaining in kennels for nearly 3 years under the umbrella of another rescue after their owner handed them into a pound!


From March to July 2017 they spent time in 3 different foster homes with urgent pleas posted regularly. Sadly, no home was forthcoming and the decision was taken that to continue moving them around both detrimental to both of them and unfair.


As a result they have joined the Arundawn pack and are now living happily with Elaine and the other Arundawn shelter dogs.


Sadie is such a character! She is always posing for the camera. She is cheeky and always up to no good with her best pals Ronnie and Carly. Sadie is usually the dog that has to have a bath after a good roll in fox poo and she loves playing with the biggest stick down in the paddock.

This old girl is certainly young at heart and we wouldn’t change her for the world.


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