Female Labradoodle

Rosie arrived yesterday from her owners who have not been able to manage her. Another example of people buying designer MONGRELS because they are sold as HYPOALLERGENIC dogs!!!! There is NO SUCH THING!!!!! 

These dogs are bred from parents who are working dogs!  Poodles are said to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs in the World! Cross that with another dog bred and designed to work and the boredom factor in a 'normal' home can go through the roof! Behavioural problems begin, challenging their owners, needing more and more correct training, not being treated like fluffy princesses!!!! And then BANG!!! Off to rescue because the decline has begun!!! 


Well .. Rosie is here for some assessment and then some help with her behaviour and anxieties. We will update once we have a little better feel for her but for now she is calm and enjoying some 'down time' and good free running exercise. 

Once and ONLY once she is ready for rehoming please be aware that SHE WILL NOT BE HOMED WITH CHILDREN and MUST have the company of another dog.

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