Born Dec 2016

In Foster in Hampshire

Joined Arundawn on 8th February

Ideally Rosa is looking for her forever home in the countryside. Currently in foster - Rosa has settled into life with her foster family beautifully. Foster mum Becky moved to her parents house with Rosa when the lockdown began and she has really come out of her shell. Her long tail just doesn't stop wagging.

Rosa can be nervous around new people and households, particularly men and we are certain this is due to her past history. Some may remember her owner passed away and she was left in the care of family members who not only didnt want her but actively made it apparent.

Becky has found that the best way to Rosa's heart is her tennis ball, she will play all day and even throws the ball back at your waste so you can catch it. She loves other dogs and is currently living with a VERY patient spaniel Bella, who Rosa cleans all the time! She gets a lot of confidence from Bella therefore would be well placed in another home with a calm dog. She is very well house trained and understands commands such as "bed, lie down, off, here, stay, wait, no, this way, walk". She has only been on the long lead and comes back to the whistle. She loves being walked in the countryside. The perfect home for Rosa would need to have a female and a family which will understand her nerves. She loves being outside and spends the warm weather sunbathing!

Another calm dog would be beneficial and NO cats or children. She really has a great character once the trust is there and she will make a great dog who deserves a home for life. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ROSA CAN SHOW UNCERTAINTY AROUND STRANGERS - she needs slow introductions

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