Under Assessment
  • Breed - Shih Tzu cross

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - February 2020

  • Can live with dogs? Tbd

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? No

  • Location - West Sussex

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Rocky arrived with us at the end of March after narrowly escaping being PTS. He is yet another victim of the Covid lockdown & the excuses therein.


He has never seen a vet. He was not microchipped, had never been vaccinated & at this point has still not been groomed as he will need sedation to do so.


Rocky has no manners, no boundaries, no idea how to control his own behaviours & is unsocialised & has major 'small dog syndrome'. He's our own little Terror Tot.


When he arrived he was terrified of his own shadow, scared of outside spaces & we were unable to get a lead anywhere near him. He is now happy to have a lead on, excited to go & play in the paddock & loving his walks.


HOWEVER, he CANNOT be trusted not to nip when 'human errors' are made. We are looking for an VERY BEHAVIOURALLY EXPERIENCED adult only foster to take him on to the next stage of his training & allow us to get him neutered.

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