• Breed - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - January 2011

  • Can live with dogs? No

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? Over 16

  • Location - West Sussex

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Riley is an 11-years young neutered Staffordshire Bull terrier. This lovely boy has been with us since August. On arrival, he went to foster and has done so well, considering what an anxious little dog he was.


Riley is the PERFECT dog in the home. Affectionate and calm, house trained and delightful however sadly he is very fear reactive when out walking and encountering other dogs. His fosterers have been working extremely hard with his anxieties with help from a trainer and although there is improvement we are sure that at 11 he will always remain reactive and anyone offering him a home needs to be aware. He is muzzle trained and bar this one minor 'issue' is gorgeous and the perfect companion.


Here's a little more about Riley:

Riley settled into his foster home well and quickly took to the raw food diet. He is a lot calmer than he was at the beginning - he has three skullcap and valerian tablets in his breakfast which helps with this.

Riley is very affectionate with people, enjoying cuddles and will lick.


He's a strong dog, even though small, and gets very excited when he sees other dogs and is keen to approach them but he is not always sure around them. Following an incident with another dog that excitedly approached him off lead, resulting in Riley reacting, he now wears a muzzle when out where there are other dogs. On initial meetings with other dogs his anxiety can make him seem reactive. However after a few minutes walking with them, he seems quite comfortable in their company and doesn’t take much notice of them. Having worked with a recommended trainer his behaviour - when coming across other dogs on walks - has improved.

Riley cleans himself a lot and chews his feet - this seems anxiety-based, rather than allergy. He can get excitable during the day and a little bored but enjoys his Kong toy when this happens.

Riley has two to three walks per day, approximately one hour in total. He has quite high prey drive and gets excited when he sees a cat, squirrel or bird, pulling on his lead to get after them. In the evening, we're told that Riley happily settles down and likes snuggling on the sofa under a blanket - for all his little 'quirks' he really is the most loving and affectionate boy.


Commitment and patience to help with some of his little quirks

A home where he can snuggle with his humans



NO CHILDREN under 16-years old

We think a home in the country with either access to walks, where it is not overpopulated with other dogs, OR where he can have a good run and play in a BIG garden space would suit him best and alleviate any anxieties.

Riley is now looking for his perfect forever home. If you can fulfil all of his needs then please complete an application form or contact us - he is an older gent, deserving a real home.