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  • Breed - Saluki Lurcher

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - February 2019

  • Can live with dogs? TBC

  • Can live with cats? TBC

  • Can live with children? TBC

  • Location - West Sussex

To register your interest, please complete our Pre-adoption form:


If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390


Born in 2019 this poor scrap is a Saluki lurcher - not even 5 yrs old!

The pictures say it all!!!! ANOTHER dog dumped in APPALLING condition - and so so simple to resolve when caught early and treated. Being left like this is MONTHS of neglect and cruelty!

Picked up after (assumably) being dumped to get hit by a vehicle, aimlessly running around in the road! Thankfully a lovely young man stopped and picked him up and contact the local council dog service. And again, thankfully a caring pound kennels who have ensured he got all he needed while serving his 7 days. He was taken to the vet and treated for mange and is joining us tomorrow. He will be going straight to foster to help with his recovery and will be looking for his forever home as soon we are happy with his weight and skin. He WILL recover thankfully but it would have been a matter of time before he no longer had the strength to pull through!

And yet again - the SCUM who allowed their dog to get into this condition will get away with it because no one is held accountable!

Now in foster and improving every day with TLC and a good diet.

If you can help Remi please fill in one of our forms on our website.

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