Male 8 month old Bull Terrier

Not Cat Friendly

Not to be homed with Children

And yet ANOTHER young bull terrier arrives. This lad is just EIGHT months old! He has been rehomed two weeks ago after showing some unwanted behaviour. He has been fed WAGG 🤮was then placed in a home with a 2 year old child who he 'snapped' at, then put in kennels where he was neutered straight away - even though showing fearful behaviours which were misread!


He was then placed immediately in a foster home with an entire male GSD and fosterers who do not know the breed at all and finally has found his way here as was going to be pts if a space not found!!!!

I AM BEYOND livid!!!! Another young dog put at risk ... And why? Because people are breeding these dogs and selling them without doing proper checks! They are a specialist breed needing specialist homes!

He is not KC registered, no doubt back yard bred and sold to a home who knew nothing about the breed!
I have no idea what level of damage has been caused at this time. The poor lad is with me in kennels joining Betty and Billy for the time being while we hopefully help him to learn to trust again! 😡🤬
Time will tell

UPDATE 7th June

As you may remember this young male Bull Terrier joined us last week. We now feel we know him a little better and have good measure of him in the kennels. However - kennels are NO place for an 8 month old Bully and we are now looking for a very experienced Bull Terrier foster / ideally view to forever home for him.

He is not cat friendly and we would not home him with any children. He is a young male Bull Terrier, neutered (In my opinion) too early and full of mischief, wanting to be a little pushy / dominant and certainly has some food guarding issues which are sporadic.

He has the makings of a delightul dog IF he finds the right home / foster now.

Please call me on 07736049390 for further information and to discuss if you feel you can offer help.

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