Pip arrived at Arundawn in the Summer of 2010 after being handed in with her mother. She was born in 2009 so is one of our earliest Sanctuary dogs.


Pip was handed in to us after an injury to her eye as a young dog. She had not had the best start in life and was totally unable to be touched or lead a normal life.

​It took many months to slowly gain her trust and until very recently (the last couple of years) very few people were able to stroke her - in the main she would not allow anyone within close proximity at all.

In fact Pip was a rather feisty member of the Sanctuary pack and volunteers learnt very quickly what she would and wouldn't tolerate. However over the years she has definitely mellowed and once you gain her trust she shows that she can be one of the most affectionate lapdogs you will ever meet.

​She cannot face the outside world at all but has become a big part of the Arundawn pack welcoming new dogs and quickly showing them the ropes.

Pip is a unique little dog and was once one of the fastest dogs imaginable even with only the use of her one eye.


We all love her for her many quirks.

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