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English Bull Terrier

This stunning boy has had a rough ride recently. He has lived all his four years on a barge in the countryside.


He had never left the confines of the canal path and so has never seen the big wide world! About a month ago his 'dad' passed away and he was left home alone. A neighbouring boat owner cared for him feeding him and doing what she could, but the barge was sold.

Thomas was moved last week into what his rescue hoped would maybe become his forever home. However, due to his sheltered life he is just not coping at all and on January 25th he joined us at Arundawn in the hope that we can work together to find him his perfect foster, and better still, forever home.

Thomas is not only struggling to deal with the loss of his owner and the move to a town -he has had no experience of the outside world apart from walking to tow paths and his life on the barge.


He is fearful of traffic, walking the roads, busy places.


He latches on to one person and wants to be their perfect loyal companion.


We are working together with his rescue ABT to find the perfect foster for Thomas.. somewhere rural, with a large garden or land to help him gain confidence and find his feet.


We will update his needs in the next day or two but no chldren or small furries. Thomas will be a challenge but a very worthwhile one for someone. We will update after he has hopefully settled x