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Arrived 28th February 2020

11 yr old

OLLIE came into rescue after their owner passed away unexpectedly. He had spent all his life with him and not really left the smallholding they lived on Ollie came in with his brother Bertie but their was defiantly a love hate relationship between the pair. They were placed into emergency foster in East Sussex but their carer became ill with cancer and it was decided to move them into another foster placement. Ollie did not settle and became aggressive towards his brother and foster carers and so it was decided to split the pair to see how they would cope? Ollie was returned to the care of Andi and Trev in East Sussex because he had shown no aggressive behaviour there.

Ollie did not seem to miss his brother and settled back into foster with Andi and Trev and five other dogs very well showing no signs of aggression at all.

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