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16 months old and neutered.

Dog friendly

Believed to be an Akita Staffy mix

We will not be rehoming to homes with cats or children

He is a gorgeous crossbreed, quite a compact dog who looks a little bigger in photos than in the flesh.

He is a lovely boy who has a lot of affection to give and he craves attention and cuddles. Due to his age he requires further manner training. 
He is currently in a foster home with a female companion dog and they get on well.


However we suggest that he is homed with a mature female companion dog only or as an only dog due to the level of attention he needs. If housed as only dog, regular socialising is recommended.

We are unsure of his exact background and he has been very misunderstood. We known he was bought over from Ireland by another rescue and although we no history he is very wary of some men and is clearly distressed by sudden contact, for example, taking hold of is collar.

He is looking for a warm loving forever home so he can build up trust. He will make an excellent companion once he has been given time to bond.