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  • Breed - Lurcher cross

  • Gender - Male

  • Approx. date of birth - October 2020

  • Can live with dogs? Yes (see below)

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? No

  • Location - West Sussex

To register your interest, please complete our Pre-adoption form:


If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390

​This GORGEOUS dog is another Bull Lurcher who was handed in to Battersea and after spending several months there was again deemed as 'unrehomable' from Battersesa. 

He was extremely nervous, anxious and difficult to manage in the early days with us. At some points it seemed that we would never manage to bring him round BUT as the months progressed the 'real' dog emerged. He has very much been a 'work in progress' after finding the stresses of Battersea far too much. He was nervous, anxious, wary of strangers, mouthy etc. 

We all love him - BUT he is quirky with some fears and anxieties and little in the way of social skills.


He has come on over the months in leaps and bounds and although he remains a dog who needs time and trust and understanding. He does have special requirements to assist him in moving forwards 


 - An experienced and patient home



 - A large secure garden

 - Possibly a calm and tolerant female Lurcher or similar

 - A RURAL HOME where he will not be over challenged by cyclists, joggers etc or dogs running up to him He is dog friendly BUT has NO social skills at all.


He has boundless energy and we feel that Canny Cross or similar would be an amazing outlet for him. Please only consider offering him help if you have time, patience and are experienced with high energy dogs BUT the rewards will be worth every second!

Oscar is loving, loyal and affectionate and he is now looking for his forever home. We will - of course - support in every way.


Please complete an application or contact us, if you can adopt or foster Oscar (ideally with a view to forever).

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