Available for Adoption
  • Breed - Pyrenean Mountain Dog

  • Gender - Male(N) & Female(P)

  • Date of Birth - May 2011(N), November 2016(P)

  • Can live with dogs? No

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? 15yrs+

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Nelson & Pixie were relinquished by their owner who could no longer give them the care and attention they needed. Before arriving at Arundawn in August 2020, they had spent the previous 2 years in a field, although prior to that they had been family pets.

We have gotten to know them both very well - Nelson is an old boy who wants a quiet life and a garden to potter about it Pixie is a bright, independent and confident girl who can be a bit mischievous and enjoys her walks.

At one point we did toy with the idea of rehoming them separately, but given how much they rely on each other's company we are looking for a breed experienced home for both of them.

Nelson came in with flystrike on his hindquarters and was significantly underweight. We have addressed both issues and he is much healthier, but we have found out his kidneys are a bit poorly which is not surprising given his age. We will offer medical assistance to cover his condition as part of his adoption.

They are large and somewhat clumsy dogs so we are looking for a family with older children (15yrs+). We are looking for a pet free home as while they enjoy each other's company, they are not good with other dogs. They are also not good with cats or other small furries.

They need daily brushing to keep their fur healthy and do suffer from heat in summer so their new owners need to keep an eye on how much exercise they get when its warmer.

Any potential owners should expect, slobber, lots of hair and tons of cuddles and affection from these two.

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