Available for Adoption
  • Breed - Lurcher

  • Gender - Female

  • Date of Birth - December 2019

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? 10yrs+

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If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390

Nancy is a very sweet young lurcher who was found straying and transferred to Arundawn. 

She is has moved to her fosterer and is more than ready for her forever home.

Her fosterer reports that she has settled well and is very dog friendly. She will pull on the lead especially when she sees other dogs to go say hello, but they are working on this with her. She is fascinated by joggers and cyclists and her recall is still a work in progress so having a secure field for her and her friends to run around with offlead would be ideal.

Although there are no children in her foster home, she is interested and friendly towards them on her walks. As she is still young and bouncy we would look for families with older children as she could knock young ones down. She has also met several cats out walking and will watch them but not try to investigate them. Given that she is quite an enthusiastic young lady we think it would take a very dog savvy cat to put up with her, so we are looking to rehome her without cats.

She is very keen on birds and squirrels and if not on lead would chase them all day long.

She also attends doggy daycare and has lots of friends - she is learning that not all dogs want to play with her and she tends to steer clear of some large dogs that are clear that they aren't interested. She would probably be best with another dog of similar size to her who could be her role model - most of her friends tend to be other lurchers, collie crosses, retrievers and the larger poodles.

She hates the rain, tolerates being bathed and loves her toys - especially the ones you can throw. She does think she's a lapdog and will happily share the couch with you if given a chance.

She has a bit of separation anxiety and will follow you from room to room so we need a family where there will be someone around most of the time to keep her company - although having a dog companion will also help in this regard.

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