Available for adoption
  • Breed - Rottweiler x Dobermann

  • Gender - Male

  • Date of Birth - September 2013

  • Can live with dogs? No

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? 12yrs+

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Monty is one of those dogs that come into rescue and just breaks our hearts. He was relinquished by his owner as they are no longer able to look after him properly.

We have found out that he hasn't been walked in 2 years, is grossly overweight, has started chewing his legs to bits as he has become so anxious and is terrified of the outdoors as he's not experienced it in so long.

His owner stopped walking him as he had started to become reactive to other dogs when on lead and they did not think they could control him. So his anxieties and fears have been left to get worse rather than addressed.

He absolutely adores people and might have a bit of separation anxiety to start. 

We are looking for a pet free foster home with a view to forever - we need people who are familiar with his breed and can handle large dogs. He needs time and a lot of TLC to help him over his fears and remind him that the world isn't such a scary place.

He came to us with absolutely nothing - no bowls, no toys, no blankets from his former home, so he is genuinely an orphan in the world. We think he deserves far more than what he has been given to date.

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