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Permanent Shelter Dog Molly arrived at Arundawn on the 12th of January 2018. She is 11 and a half years old and is in permanent foster for us with Michelle and husband and young child. 


Her fosterer spent a few nights sleeping with Molly downstairs until she was happy to be left. Since then she has grown to love and trust.

They quickly noticed that Molly had a lump on her eye which caused her a few issues as it was constantly getting knocked which caused it to bleed. When she went in for this to be removed, the surgery didn’t go to plan and poor Molly had to have another operation to resolve this. Molly’s bad luck didn’t end there, it was noticed not long after that she had an ulcer on her eye which was proving difficult to manage and Molly went to our vets for yet another operation. Thankfully, Molly was incredibly tolerant and all was resolved within 2 months. Unfortunately due to the severity of the ulcer Molly has been left with some scarring on her eye which effects her eyesight slightly-not that you can tell. In addition to his Molly like most our oldies requires considerable dental work to rectify multiple issues in her mouth, which will be carried out shortly.

Michelle says that Molly is a fabulous dog who they love fostering, she is very good with our little girl and we cannot imagine not having her around. Molly loves to play fetch with her ball and recall training is ongoing as she has selective hearing, especially in open fields where there are rabbits!


Molly will have lifetime back up for her medications and treatments and anything else she should need. 

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