Mollie joined Arundawn in October 2018

She is now just two and a half years old.


 She was originally brought over from Thailand as a puppy with good intentions however, as with so many street bred dogs, she was unable to cope in the UK and remained fearful and unhappy. She was an only dog living with a couple who worked full time so hardly surprising .. We agreed to try an help her and thankfully Trevor and Andi Claydon kindly agreed to take in yet another foster for us! 


Well - over a year on and she is still with them and although she adores them she is still terrified on any change, strangers, etc etc.

After careful consideration and with limited options, even though Andi has been very poorly, it has been decided that MOLLIE will remain with Arundawn in permanent foster with Andi and Trevor as she is happy, loves their dogs and trusts them both implicitly and we feel that to move her would be cruel and damaging.

SO - firstly I would like to thank our lovely friends and fosterers for yet again stepping up to help and for the time and care they have already given and secondly to welcome MOLLIE to the Arundawn Shelter Dogs💗


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