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  • Breed - Border Collie/Lurcher

  • Gender - Female

  • Date of Birth - October 2021

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? TBC

  • Can live with children? No

  • Location - West Sussex

To register your interest, please complete our Pre-adoption form:


If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390


3 yr old Collie lurcher bitch.

Some of you may remember Millie arriving last year. She was a very nervous dog and at the time I was pretty sure she would need to remain in the pack for life... In recent weeks she has 'suddenly' shown that she is ready to start learning and trusting more and I feel that in the 'right' home she will be very happy.

What are her needs?


* At least one other dog for company and to cuddle up to

* A large and safe area for her to free run in as it will be a long time before she could be walked off lead

* Time and Patience

* NO small furries

* NO children under 10 as she is nervous around them having not had any previous experiences of them.

Please only apply if you feel you can give her all she needs. Thank you.

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