• Breed - American Bulldog x Staffy

  • Gender - female

  • Est Date of Birth - April 2016 

  • Can live with dogs? TBC

  • Can live with cats? TBC

  • Can live with children? TBC

  • Location - West Sussex

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Millie is a 6-year old and 'tripod' Staffy x American bulldog.

We have been asked to find a space for her after her owner was no longer able to look after her and gave her to his niece to look after. Millie came into season and the resident dog did not get on with her and so after a fight she had to go.


We were threatened that Millie would be PTS if she could not be rehomed - of course we couldn't let this happen and so here she is, at Arundawn.

She has clearly not had a great life, has been bred from by the looks of things and is not neutered. She is clearly EXCELLENT and tolerant with children - we have seen footage of her with her previous family.

She arrived on 3rd May and was beside herself - understandably confused. We had to block in the kennel panels to stop her breaking out and she cut her mouth and nose whilst frantically attempting to break out.


Watching this dog was heartbreaking as she was terrified - not sure whether just of open spaces or other dogs or just of being hit. Her eyes are troubled but on her second night with us she tentatively licked Elaine's cheek. She has shown NO aggression to other dogs at Arundawn but she has a lot of scars over her whole body. We are pretty certain she has been bred from since losing her leg as a puppy. Poor girl.

Millie has now gone into foster for further assessment.


We will update with further details, once Millie has hopefully settled in foster.