• Breed - French Bulldog

  • Gender - female

  • Date of Birth - January 2021

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? Yes 12+

  • Location - West Sussex

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If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390


You may remember recently this lovely girl arrived with a prolapse and needed emergency surgery. She is now neutered and the prolapse repaired and will be ready to find her forever home shortly. Please read her information from her foster dad before applying.....

Mia is an 18 month old French Bulldog who is very typical of the breed. She is a wonderful companion who will follow you wherever you go, make you laugh but keep you on your toes! There’s not a bad bone in her and she loves everyone especially if she can get a free cuddle from them.

Typically, Mia snores like a steam train and grunts and snorts on walks but can run after a bouncy ball or when the urge to do zoomies takes hold. It is important to keep her cool and out of the sun. Again, typical of the breed she can be stubborn but is easily won over with a tasty treat. She’s loves her raw food and polishes off her meals with gusto. If left to her own devices in the house she will chew on anything she can get hold of - shoes, chargers etc but a swift no and a toy/ball corrects this. In the garden she will graze on grass, mud, sticks, plants so must be FULLY supervised so she doesn’t ingest something she shouldn’t but once fully trained she will stop ... Again she is stubborn and loves to push boundaries.


She does like plenty of quiet time, sudden loud noises can make her jump ( she is fine with thunder etc though ) so she’s best not in a busy household. An ideal home would be with older children, quiet, with plenty of laps to snooze on. She loves to be with you on the sofa but I’ve put her in her own bed at night with the radio on in the kitchen with a baby gate and she settles in minutes and is quiet. Mia is still being housetrained but she does go on puppy pads.  When walking she loves to sniff. She loves to socialise with other dogs in the park and would happily live with other quiet dogs but she will push to get all the attention.


She’s a total delight who will make a wonderful best friend. I’ve really enjoyed fostering her and showing her that life is to be enjoyed without fear.

Please ONLY apply if you fulfill the above criteria thank you