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A little update on these lovely dogs. Mollie was born in December 2012 and Marley was born 19th December 2010. Mollie has not been socialised much at all since a young dog and so can be a bit 'barky' ... 
Their fabulous foster mum says ... a few sentences about them. They are doing really well walking with the halti headcollars, harnesses and 2 point of contact leads. We have been working really hard training them around other dogs and are making some progress already. At home they are delightful- Marley is playful and loves a tummy tickle and Millie always wants to snuggle up for a cuddle. They are perfect house guests and happy when left for a few hours. Marley will steal food if left within reach when your back is turned. They both love being groomed. They will bark at people coming and going outside but are learning not to be noisy. They have Labrador appetites, love their food and also love their walks. They enjoy outings and greet everyone they meet with a smile and wagging tail! 
We are looking for a home ideally in the countryside ... With lots of space to play and enjoy life... They have been together most of their lives so we would like to find them a home together.