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  • Breed - Saluki Lurcher

  • Gender - Female

  • Date of Birth - Dec 2022 (estimated)

  • Can live with dogs? Yes

  • Can live with cats? No

  • Can live with children? Yes

  • Location - West Sussex

To register your interest, please complete our Pre-adoption form:


If you have already been homechecked, please contact Elaine directly on 07736049390


This lovely young dog has been in foster for for some time with little interest. She is young, cheeky, boisterous and can be a challenging little girl BUT she is equally delightful and an amazingly girl who has had a pretty horrid start to her young life.

Her Fosterer has had a fall and suffered a nasty injury and she is unable to walk Luna without further damage.

We really need to find her forever home ASAP.

Her Foster mum says .........

Luna has been improving all the time.. her toileting is better, the odd wee here and there but I do have a puppy pad by back door for those emergency moments if I'm out a bit longer and she uses only them.

She is now starting to give paw for treats and food and will sit even without command now. Threshold listening is good, door and roads.

No issues with people, dogs, traffic, random noises, fireworks, thunder.

She eats well with no issues.

She is good on the lead 90% of the time, occasional random zoomie attempt street walking and with more then one dog she tangles the leads, fidgeting to a different sniff.

Roaming walks can be challenging at times as she wants to RUN and is easily distracted when she sees another dog. Her favourite dogs are spaniels!

Safe spaces she is amazing off lead, so fast and she comes back to her pack well. Loves a ball chase and pretty good at bringing it back too.

She is becoming very affectionate and excitable when I come home from being out and cuddles too. You can literally carry her like a baby, wrap her up in blankets and snuggle.

She is not nibbling so much but its play mouthing nibbles and never hard. I do not encourage it removing hands and not giving attention saying no or making a "a" sound and she is starting to twig it.

So I would say luna is 90% up and running with some fine tuning to sort.

Her biggest downside is stealing things and chewing them!

Her foster mum has put so very much time into helping this little girl ... She deserves her forever home.

Please fill in one of our forms on our website if you think you can give Luna a home?

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