DoB: 22 Sept 2016

Jessie arrived at Arundawn after spending all her life in a kennel being bred for puppies. For a dog that never left her kennel, she has proven to be a very sweet and endearing little girl - she hasn't met a person or dog that she hasn't found just wonderful. She is particularly attached to Joey who seems to have acquired a rambunctious and persistent little shadow who gambols along and thoroughly enjoys herself.

When she first arrived there was the thought to find her a fosterer, but she soon convinced Elaine that she had found her home in the pack. This came shortly after we lost Crinkley who was Elaine's own bully and the heart of the Arundawn Sanctuary Pack - we think Crinkley was making sure Elaine still had a bullie girly in her life.

As a result of her previous life as a breeding dog, Jessie's health isn't great. We have found out that she has incurable kidney disease. After discussion with our vet we agreed to get her spayed and it turned out we were just in time and her uterus was an absolute mess and likely contributing to the kidney disease. During the operation one of her ovaries literally fell to pieces as it was removed.

Jessie has also started to show weakness in her hindlegs - she can no longer bounce around the paddock as she has become rather wobbly, but this doesn't stop her finding a way onto sofas and laps for cuddles. Jessie is genuinely one of the most affectionate bullies on the planet and has a rather loud snore which bears some resemblance to a tractor when she is properly passed out.

Now that she is spayed we will be keeping an eye on her and managing her kidney issues as much as we can. However, typical of her breed, Jessie is determined to bounce back and ensure she is included in everything.